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Hello again, my respected casino patients! Free Spins Doctor is about to start operating on your brain once again to give you a dose of some sought-after casino information. You should not that even though I am nowadays certified casino doctor, I used to know nothing. It was during my so-called casino studies that I actually learned everything that I know about online casinos today. Nowadays I have a bonafide masters degree on all things casino.

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Enough about me, however. It is time that we move onto more serious subjects. This time we’ll mainly be talking about what casino slots are. For some of you this will be some of the most basic information that you’ve read in a while, but for others it will be genuine pearls cast before you. Without further ado, let us get to it. Also, you can click here to find more information on this subject.

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What are slot machines?

Okay, it might be silly to talk about such a mundane thing, but casino slots are basically video games where you can win money. I think this is a thing that young people nowadays would refer to as ‘cool’, is it not?

When you deposit money and insert some into a virtual slots machine, you are actually paying for the possibility of winning. You might win or you might lose, but when you invest your money in a game of luck, there is always a change to leave the online casino wealthier than you walked in. It is such a cool concept that it is no wonder that so many people nowadays are into it.

Who are slot machines meant for?

Much like video games today, slot machines and other casino games are meant for everyone who is interested. Some people just see the smily faces and hear the happy music and think to themselves that these games are only meant for the kids. However, slot machines should actually only be played by adults. Yes, you read it correctly: underage people are not even allowed to play. If you’re under the age of 18, you have to steer clear of slot machines for legal reasons. If you are caught playing online casino slots as a minor, your account will be banned and all your possible winnings will be confiscated.

Truth be told, casino games are very popular among old people as well as young. It is a common misconception that only young males in their mid 20s or 30s like to play these games, but this thing couldn’t really be farther from the truth. There are many, many people above the age of 50 that are avid casino enthusiast and always love to get their fix in. Even many pensioners out there are playing from the safety of their house. It is actually very difficult to know who plays, because people are always playing on their private time when no one is around. It is like this cool club that only VIPs are allowed to enter. Or rather this very popular joint where there’s always great music, dancing and all kinds of goofing around going on, but hardly anyone knows the place. Those who do, however, love it to death.

Should I try casino slots?

As your doctor, I cannot really say that you should. I can only make very strong insinuations. The fact of the matter is, however, that you should only play as much as you afford to lose. If you have only little money or are swimming in debt, slot machines are not a great plan B to get rich. Instead, you should only play if you are really enjoying it and not feeling the pressure to win. That way you’ll have a great time!