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Good afternoon. I see that you were just called in to my room. What seems to be the problem today?

jackpots on casinos

Ah, I see. You wanted to receive some information about what a jackpot casino is. Well, it is a casino that has these so-called progressive jackpot machines there for your gaming pleasure. Trying to win yourself a true jackpot can be very tempting and active many of your senses and receptors at the same time. Playing these games causes sensations much like Pavlov’s dogs experienced when Pavlov would ring his bells. You will begin to salivate and your palms will become sweaty when you’re close to winning a million pounds or more. It truly is a fascinating thing to research from a doctor’s point of view, let alone a Free Spins Doctor’s point of view!

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How do progressive jackpots work?

This, too, is a fascinating concept, to say the least. As you might know already, progressives let you win great amounts of money—sometimes even tens of millions of pounds! Some of the biggest jackpots won over the years have been worth closer to 15 million! Nowadays you do not necessarily have to try your luck at the National Lottery to become a millionaire. There aren’t very many others ways to become very wealthy except for these two and perhaps coming up with a brilliant business idea. Thus, progressive jackpots really offer you a chance to do something otherwise unlikely.

Then how do these progressive jackpots get to millions and millions of pounds? The idea is in the name already: the jackpots are progressive, which means that they are constantly going forward and growing. They are basically like your average small-sized snowball that starts rolling down the snowy mountain, eventually becoming an avalanche. The way that these jackpots grow, however, is by just by people investing their money in them. You see, a small piece of every single stake played on the game goes into the eventual jackpot. So, the one lucky winner who eventually wins the jackpot will be getting money from everyone who’s been playing the game before him. This actually bears a bit of resemblance to charity as well—small ponds eventually turn into great oceans and every river starts as a stream.

Are all progressives slots?

They are not. There are a lot of different kinds of slots available, and while most of them do tend to be slots, not each and every one of them is. I have, for instance, sometimes come across progressives that are in fact Kenos or even video pokers. Here, however, you really get to see how hard it is to win the jackpot. In video pokers, you might have to get a royal flush with one specific suit and no jokers. Royal flush in and of itself is very hard to come by, so the jackpot really isn’t often won either. Still, if you manage to score it, you might win a sum of six or seven figures.

Also, I have seen a Keno where you had to have the computer give your numbers or hits that make up a certain letter on the screen. It is a bit hard to explain, but as you can probably tell, this is no simple feat. If it were, however, the jackpots wouldn’t really have time to marinate and grow into what they normally do. The harder it is to win the jackpot, the more it tends to grow before someone actually wins it.

I hope you enjoyed this session with me. Next time, we will probably talk about something entirely different. Until then! Take care, and always remember that a spin a day keeps the Free Spins Doctor away. Or something like that.