Gambling problems

Ah, welcome to the Free Spins Doctor’s appointment, once again. How are you feeling today? Have the games been treating well? If there are any things that you’re sick off, just let me know. I will try to cure you of any illness that you might have come across.

This time, however, I want to talk to you about changing your casino diet. I know that you like to play at casinos—as do I—but sometimes it is good to stop and evaluate how everything is going. It is not good to play too much, in fact it can be pretty bad. The same goes for just about everything, though. Almost everything can be done in excess if you’re not careful, whether it’s overeating, drinking too much or just plain old overthinking things. You had better not be doing any of these things, and that includes playing excessively.

I will be asking you a few questions now to evaluate how much you are playing and whether you’re on the clear or should perhaps go on a casino diet.

Are you having fun while you’re playing?

Generally, most of us are having fun while we’re winning, but are you having fun when you’re losing as well? Let me rephrase that—no one really likes to lose. But are you having fun as a whole? Do you feel like gambling is a nice hobby that provides you with a bit of extra excitement here and there? Or, do you feel like you oftentimes end up swearing that you’ll never lay your hands on a slots machine ever again?

Love and hate relationships are normally not very good for your health. They might give you extreme highs that make you feel like you are on cloud nine, after which you’ll fall into the pit and feel like you’re on cloud -999. Surely, I am no psychologist, but I would venture a guess that It’s not healthy to have your brain chemistry jumping up and down like that. I guess some of it is inevitable when you’re having an exciting time and are having fun with slots machines or any other form of entertainment, but again, the word ‘excessive’ is the key here. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, I can tell you!

Do you find yourself playing more than you were supposed to?

To err is human—that’s a given. But, it’s not very nice if you find yourself erring all the time. It doesn’t do well for your mind, or your bank account. Perhaps sometimes you’ll feel like wanting to deposit a bit more if you’ve had some rough luck, but in general, it’s better to stick to your plans. If you plan on using, say, £50 to play, then try not to go over it. If you constantly end up playing with double or more the amount that you were supposed to, then there might very well be a problem brewing.

One of the common mistakes that people make is that they always want to win back what they’ve lost. First, they will lose the £50, then they will deposit another £50 and perhaps raise the stakes, hoping that they can ‘force a win’ from the machine. This could indeed happen, but it’s not that probable. If you end up doing this once, though, you are teaching yourself that this is how it’s supposed to be done. Accept your defeats here rather than foolishly thinking that you should never give up in life. Sometimes discretion truly is the better part of valor.

Have fun!

As long as you’re having fun and are not hurting anyone—not even yourself or your bank account—then everything should be just about under control. Still, tread carefully as gambling can be very, very addictive sometimes!