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Ah, welcome to the Free Spins Doctor’s casino operating room once again. Your favorite doctor is here ready to perform some lobotomy to your online casino brain. I am here to bestow you with some important knowledge about free spins. This, of course, is my main area of expertise, so you can expect to find out a lot of new things. It will be like shock therapy—that is just how great it will be.

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What are these free spins?

Then, let us move into the first phase of this information injection. What exactly are free spins? They are the casino’s way of letting you play slots machines for free. Of course, there are also deposit bonuses there to give you the same effect, but free spins are more specific in that they are just that—free spins. You basically get to spin the reels of a slots machine for free. Without charge. Pro bono.

free spins on slots

Then what is so good about getting to spin the reels for free? Well, it is that you still have a chance to win some real money in the process! It just combines all the great things about playing slot machines while taking away the worst portion—having to pay! 100 free spins would be as if you actually inserted 100 spins’ worth money and plaid with it! It is such a simple concept, yet so very, very brilliant!

How do I get myself some of them sweet free spins?

I am glad you asked! Nowadays, a lot of online casinos are willing to give you tons of free spins when you make your first deposit! This is not the only way to get your hands on these spins, however, as I will explain more thoroughly below:

Some casinos will give you free spins as part of their deposit bonus.
Sometimes you will get so-called no deposit free spins just for signing up.
If you are lucky, you might score some free spins from certain campaigns that a casino offers you.

As you can see, there are many ways of getting free spins. Perhaps the sweetest way here is actually signing up to a casino that is willing to give you free spins as a gift for becoming a new customer. These free spins will be free in every regard as you will not even have to make a deposit or risk any of your money to get them. This sounds very weird, but it is all due to the fact that online casinos as a whole are embroiled in a hectic battle for new customers and online casino supremacy. Or something of the sort, at the very least.

Do I get to keep my winnings if I happen to score big?

Yes and no—but more no. The sad truth here is that free spins are most often subject to heavy wagering requirements. Unlike deposit bonuses, free spins’ wagering requirements are handled differently. Here you will only have to wager your free spins winnings, not your free spins per se. Still, regrettably I have to inform you that this is often not very easy at all. This is the worst thing pertaining to free spins that I can think of. They are such a phenomenal thing, but wagering requirements make them lose a lot of their flair as you rarely manage to rake in any real cash.

The light at the end of the operating room is this, though: some casinos have started giving you free spins without any wagering requirements at all. These, of course, are the best kind of a casino bonus that you can really dream of – or at least I cannot think of anything better.