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Welcome to the Free Spins Doctor‘s operating room! This is a place where I aim to provide you with the best information available about all things casino. Only casino, not betting. Betting and sports could be read on partner sites where you also can read about the double season for Spurs (like you know what that is? 🙂 ). So – back to the topic – I will dissect the whole casino industry in order to tell you how things work. Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss out on this adventure. I will be injecting you with such knowledge that you’re not going to believe it.

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Free spins & casino bonuses – what are they?

Okay, if you don’t know the answer to this question, I will most certainly need to inject some info into you. Casino bonuses are what casino players all around the world are looking for as they make your casino experience all the more pleasant. It’s like novocaine when you’ve hurt yourself. It just makes you happy and fuzzy inside. Free spins in one kind of casino bonus, where you get a few free spins on a slot machine.

Casino bonuses are a casino’s way of baiting you in – and trust me, they do it well nowadays! For casinos, new players are like oxygen – without them they would not be able to survive. So, to keep casinos living and breathing, they have be willing to give their customers something in return. We, the human species, always like it when we get something for free; it must be in our genes. The casinos know this and will come up with the most elaborate welcome offers and other promotions to make you invest in their services when there are plenty of others around as well.

Let’s skip the doctor jargon for now, though, and get to bottom of this thing. The casino industry is very competitive nowadays, and so much so, that it’s very hard for casinos to get new customers to join. In order to do this, they will give you plenty of reasons, namely free casino money. It’s like getting a freebie or a two-for-one type of deal. The only problem here is that there are so many casinos doing the exact same thing. This is why some casinos will go very far in trying to get them their fair share.

There is a large number of casinos which now offers no wagering free spins. This kind of free spins allows you as a player to withdrawal your winnings without any wagering requirement which is normally required.

The more free spins the better?

The casino industry truly is like none other. The casino bonuses and free spins, for instance, can sometimes be very deceptive. Casinos will come up with ways to make their offering seem better than it actually is by making their bonuses and their numbers as high as they can. For example, they might offer you a 100% bonus and up to £100 bonus money. What this means is that if you deposit, say, 50 pounds worth, you will get yourself 50 pounds extra. If you really want to benefit, however, you will deposit the whole 100 pounds and play with 100 pounds extra. Now what’s the catch? The doctor will be with you shortly on that one…

The catch is all in the small print! It’s in the bonus terms and conditions, which, for some casinos, just happens to be a section that’s pretty well hidden. Some of the more devious casinos will certainly not want to give you all the details up-front, as they want you to either miss is or have to go look for it.

Sometimes you might end up having to deal with wagering requirements that are so high that it’s next to impossible to convert your bonus money into real cash. Of course, every casino bonus will have a rollover requirement since the casino cannot just let you deposit money to multiply it and then withdraw it. Sometimes, however, the requirements will be so high that you might not reach them without Lady Fortuna working for you full-time.

Still, there are many good bonuses out there as well. Join me at this site and find out much, much more!

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